About us

better service – better fabrics – better workmanship.

This is the foundation for better apparel A/S, which is the TTG Group’s private label business founded back in 2006 and previously known as EASE.DK. With our own production capabilities in serveral locations around the world, we serve a wide group of brands that appreciate the close partnership and value our responsibility, transparency, and quality.

Part of Thygesen Textile Group

Thygesen Textile Group was formed in 1991 by the merger of three local, family-owned companies. But the story of Thygesen Textile Group and the Thygesen family can be traced much further back in time…

In 1931, the Thygesen family changed profession from agriculture to manufactuering children’s and women’s underwear. The company grew steadily through the years and became a leading textile manufacturer, delivering its goods to the world marked under the name Thygesen Textile Solution.

Today, the company name is Thygesen Textile Group. It consists of eight subsidiaries including a Vietnamese manufacturing company as well as shares in the global German company, Müller Textil GmbH, which manufactures e.g. spacer fabrics for the automotive industry.

In 1931, the family started manufacturing underwear on the farm depicted above. Things have now come full circle, as the farm is once again the central office of the company and several of its subsidiaries.